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Salience Consulting

We specialise in New Product Commercialisation and Business Strategy

​sa•li•ence sā′lē-əns, sāl′yəns
n. The quality or condition of being salient.
n. A pronounced feature or part; a highlight.
n. The fact or condition of being salient; the state of projecting or being projected; projection; protrusion.

​Taking a New Product to Market

Taking a new product to market can be a journey into the unknown, presenting challenge and risk to many early-stage and growth companies.

​We have deep experience of taking new products from concept through to commercialisation, spanning all aspects of development, go-to-market planning, product launch and commercial execution.

​Augment your Commercial Expertise

Selling into new markets can be daunting, particularly where the technology has not yet reached mainstream acceptance.

​We can help your commercial feasibility analysis and market research, in addition to guiding you through lean product development to maximize your product market fit.

Sales Strategy & Execution​

Now that you've achieved initial sales momentum, your next challenge is to scale your revenue. This means scaling your product, your operations and commercial organisations to best serve your growing client base.

​Our experienced leadership can help guide you through this growth.

Building Organisations & Scaling Up​

Developing an organisation to grow your business doesn't just happen automatically, but takes considerable thought, careful planning and constant attention. We can help create a sense of shared purpose, lead and manage your organization as it grows.

Paul Sweeney

Salience was established by Paul Sweeney in January 2020. Paul has 25 years leadership experience in the tech sector, spanning electronics, aerospace, IT and industrial sectors, and has held leadership positions in both startup companies and multinational corporations.

His speciality is the end-to-end commercialisation of new technology products, including all aspects of strategy, tactics and execution.

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